About Us

Arkk Solutions has been helping companies report in XBRL and iXBRL since 2009.

In the beginning we were one of the first software vendors to be recognised by the UK's HMRC for our iXBRL product, which has gone on to be the chosen solution for many leading companies in the UK.

To meet client demand we also have an outsourcing operation, which uses our software to tag and manage company accounts on behalf of our clients.

We now have a range of iXBRL solutions available to UK companies filing with HMRC and Irish firms reporting to Revenue.

Additionally we have solutions for CRD IV, specifically COREP and FINREP reporting in XBRL, which are available in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway and Denmark.

And our XBRL Carbon Disclosure Reporting solution is being adopted by some leading consultancies and forward thinking resources firms.

Our client base is broad and includes leading companies such as Prudential, Thomas Cook, Paul Smith, BlackRock and Rabbobank

Press releases

Over 200 Happy COREP Filers

Since entering the regulatory reporting sector late last year, Arkk Solutions has over 200 entities using its XBRL enabled software platform that... read more

22.04.2014 • By Arkk Solutions